Value by Isabelle

I recently received a little story on a post from a dear friend, in India. The story had to do with a man, who could not hold on to his pens. One day a friend suggested he buy a very expensive pen. Never in a million years, did he expect to pay that kind of money, for a 22K pen. After many months the person checked with the man, to see the status, of his pen.  He cherished that pen, and it was still, in his possession. We must all think of ourselves, as a treasured possession. I am not saying to be self absorbed, or ego driven. What  I am saying, is know your value. Think of yourself, as a piece of fine china, or a very expensive pen. When you know your VALUE, you will expect nothing less, than the very best treatment, from everyone. You will be handled, with care, with love, and treated , the way, you deserve. I do that, and I expect only the best treatment. I am not saying I’m a princess, but I ask all the time, to only align myself, with those people, and situations, that are for my highest good.Why would one allow themselves, to be in a relationship, be it a friendship,  a marriage, or partnership, with someone , who is not coming from a place of treating you, with VALUE. People who know me , realize I cherish my friends, loved ones, and those people, I share my space, with. I would do anything, for the people I am connected to. Never expect any thing less, from the people around you. If they can’t cherish you, for the wonderful person, you are, then you need to re think, that relationship. Be it family, friendship, or business associate. We all have, VALUE. Please do not forget that. Do not allow anyone, or situation, to treat you any other way. You are all precious, to me, and I VALUE, each, of you.