Changing Your Energy Now by Sunhee

You are in charge of your own ENERGY, if you want to be happy you will. If you want to stay unhappy you will. Look at your job, your friends, your family. Are you distributing your energy too much? Are you happy after you work your job? Do friends take advantage of your kind ear? Its nobody’s fault if you keep running to everyone and everything to appease people. You are distributing your precious energy constantly and your not able to recuperate. They don’t mean to take your energy, but human nature is that they will keep taking if given to, and then soon expect. If you don’t feel good always giving then why do we keep doing it? 

You have to remember that in your DNA, you are used to seeing dysfunction, abuse or people who had chaos in their lives. Try to look back and see why the feeling of mental illness, depression, anger, sadness, fear are all emotions that you are used to feeling. Once you do the internal work and you work on yourself to forgive, you will feel a huge force lifted off of your chest. You are setting yourself free. Its liberating to take those emotions off of you, and putting it into the air to fly away.

Like energy attracts like energy, so remember that if you were in a dysfunctional relationship, most likely you attracted the same people as friends, in a job, and family members. It’s healthy to take the time to clean out the closet and re assess what really makes you feel good. The GOOD feeling is what is going to give you energy, make you more motivated, smile and laugh more and on and on. You are in charge of what energy you want to surround yourself with, and you are in charge of doing the internal work. If you stay at your job and stay miserable, your body becomes numb to that feeling. If you have friends that are all about them, then you get drained because its a one sided relationship. If your family expects you to run to them all the time and you do; then you will feel drained once again. Its time to buckle down and organize your energy. Energy is time, and time is money. Everything gets affected and it spirals downward before you know it.

Change your energy! You can do it! Let go of the toxic job, people and things that don’t make you feel good. Let go of the worries, fears and living like you dont deserve and aren’t worthy, because you are! Take one thing at a time if you are overwhelmed, but once your body gets used to the good feeling, it will REJECT the negative instantly. You will have more energy, feel more positive about the future, and you wont become everyone’s thoughts of NEEDING you.

Lets change together, and shift in a more positive space, thanks for reading!