When One Reading Is Enough by Kimberly

Being Psychic is intriguing, however, being a Medium makes life worthwhile. As a Certified Psychic and Medium my life is nothing more than fun and entertaining and I have been blessed so many times by the people who come into my life. At a recent Psychic and Holistic Fair is was business as usual reading for clients who had questions about relationship, career, finances and hoping to hear from someone on the other side. As I finished a reading a very nicely dressed woman with her young daughter approached my table and the woman asked if I was available and if her daughter could sit with us for the reading. I grabbed an extra chair and we all sat down at my table. As I reached for my cards I pushed them aside and said “you lost someone” and she nodded her head. I suddenly looked directly at her and said “Mother” and watched her lean in and answer “yes”. Suddenly so much was coming in. I said “Sister” and the woman looked at her little girl and smiled. I found myself looking at this little girl across from me and telling her “she loved when you brushed her hair and fixed it fancy with flowers” and I watched this little girl start to cry and her mother was smiling as a tear threatened to escape. I said “she loved dancing” and the mother said, no. I insisted she loved dancing and the mother continued to say no. I told the little girl that she had something hanging on her bedroom wall that she had made and that it was important. This is when they shared with me that the little girls’ 12 year old sister had died unexpectedly, they did not know she was going to die. The girl had made a picture to honor her sister and hung it on her wall. I told the little girl that her sister likes to visit her in her bedroom and listen to the music and thinks it is funny when she sings but likes it. The little girl also validated that she used to brush her sisters hair.  I insisted again that she likes dancing and the little girl suddenly brightened up and told me that her little sister dances. They began to ask questions as I channeled this little 12 year old girl from spirit. Both of them laughing and smiling. I told the little girl her sister wanted her to pay attention to the little chickadee birds because they are her and she cried again telling me that the day her sister died there were all these birds flying around the big window in their house. As we finished up the reading the mother asked if I would like to see a picture of her daughter who had passed and she shared with me the girl had been injured at birth and had never been able to walk or speak. This was the first they had ever heard her words. And THIS makes what I do worthwhile. I am forever grateful for the gift of this mother and daughter visiting me that day.