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Subject & Expertise

Kristy is a 3rd generation psychic/medium on her maternal side. At the age of 4 Kristy discovered her ability of connecting with loved ones and spirits, communicating with loved ones who passed over and every where she ever lived seemed to be “haunted “. Always having strong spirit activity around her she never knew what she was experiencing was abnormal .She learned to embrace her connection to the other side. Also an empath and giver by nature she connected deeply with others emotions around her, and had a strong desire and drive to help and comfort them. Her abilities include clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient. She provides reading from a place of compassion offering guidance and answers.┬áShe has a passion to spread the message to people that spirit is always with them, guiding and protecting them and will do her best to connect with loved ones during readings . Her main goal is to not only to help other heal but to uplift their soul and give them strength and confidence to take charge of their own life. She states helping other heal and providing comfort is the most rewarding job she can possibly think of.

About Kristy