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Subject & Expertise

Kimberly  is a Certified Psychic and Medium, Empath, and Reiki Master. Kimberly works with three sets of oracle cards representing the three Shamanic worlds. Kimberly is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and working on strengthening her Clairaudient gifts. Her Clairvoyance is a constant stream of pictures that are activated through conversation both written and verbal. Her Clairvoyance and Clairsentience (seeing and feeling), come in together to create dialogue. Her clients say that she is warm, compassionate and it feels like they have known her forever so she is easy to talk to. Kimberly can see what is going on around you and can pick up on the energy of those people in your life. When you ask her questions she can foresee the outcome both through pictures and feelings. Her empath abilities allow her to feel what the emotions are of those around you just through knowing their name. Kimberly does not guarantee she will get a message from those that have crossed but her success rate has been huge even with those loved ones that have recently passed.

Hi Kim. You just did a dream interpretation for me and I could not find anything inaccurate about the reading.  You told me some things that I wasn’t fully aware of. I have noticed my intuition is awakening, yes. But the part about me comparing myself to others….I didn’t realize I was doing it so much. It comes from my job; ….you stated you feel I have a lot of anxiety…this is true. It was interesting to read where you say I am opening up spiritually and should seek guidance but don’t know where to turn. This is also true. I don’t have any type of mentor or really anyone to talk to about this specific issue to help me grasp the changes I’ve been going thru, things I don’t understand. I know something within is stirring….but I can’t seem to get a handle on it. So I cope as best as I can.  You state a lot of my anxiety is work related and in more than one way it is. With the second dream you discuss how I am trying to hold a situation together and am looking for a way out…there is something I’ve been keeping to myself, something I want to run away from, something I’m trying to keep together but and having a hard time with. And yes you are accurate in stating I have a lot of unexpressed anxiety over it.  I feel smothered and need space I can’t hide it from myself if its showing up in my dreams. And you’re right – I don’t express it. I try in small subtle ways.  I keep quiet about how much things bother me and hence the anxiety. I can’t believe you picked up on everything from just a dream. All I keep saying is ‘yes this true, yes that is true’ lol Your ability amazes me.  I think its safe to say you can’t hide anything from a true psychic lol I will keep your advice in mind. Thank you Kim for the scarily accurate reading. You helped me to understand things about myself. I know I needed to hear a lot of the things you said. I wish you many blessings xx ~J


About Kimberly

Kimberly has been an empathy her entire life, just “knowing” things on a deep and profound level. She started working with dowsing at the age of 9 when she constructed her first pendulum. Her grandmother knew things through dreams and this dream gift was passed on. Kimberly has a true knack for dream interpretation and says that it is a passion as dreams are a gateway of understanding what you need to work on. Dreams are the result of something that is ‘unresolved’ and spirits way of giving us answers.

“My purpose is to assist others and I do this without judgment both in the physical world and the spiritual world. I am by design meant to help people.”