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Subject & Expertise

Katie is an empath, intuitive, spiritual counselor, healing medium and energy healer. She is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui tradition. Through Reiki, she channels guided energy balancing and promoting healing and harmony for others.  She also uses vibrational sound healing in her sessions utilizing toning with her voice and tuning forks.  As an intuitive with gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, she communicates directly with the angels and spirit guides and receives spiritual guidance and insight for those who ask.  These messages are meant to inspire and to guide and to bring clarity and divine guidance.  Her desire is to provide healing and supportive messages.  As a medium, she delivers messages from loved ones who have crossed over, bringing understanding, healing and comfort. Your session with Katie will always be insightful, inspirational and eye opening.

About Katie

Katie discovered her spiritual gifts, she realized she could do more for people by using these gifts than she could through conventional methods. She has always been aware of her sensitivity and later in life, her intuitive abilities. She has a deep desire to help others on a soul level. She creates intuitive clarity, positive energy and compassion for her clients so that they can truly feel empowered and to be able to reach for their goals with confidence. Katie connects with the hearts, minds and souls of her clients, using her gifts to help them to heal and to guide their own destinies. She can help you to receive spiritual guidance and insight into your present life path.  Her readings will give you a deeper understanding of your relationships, more clarity about your life transitions and most importantly, spiritual comfort and encouragement for yourself. This can help you to learn and discover the best about you and how to make more informed decisions about your life.