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Subject & Expertise

David has been a psychic reader for 50 years.  His overall ability can be described as “intuitive awareness”, the ability to feel a client’s worries, concerns, hopes and dreams, and translate those into useful advice. He is set apart by his real world solutions to psychic concerns, tangible ways to deal with the intangible feelings we all have.  David will show you a better path through life using your own strength and abilities. “I see and feel the untapped potential in people to define and overcome their problems and concerns.  I help them find their strengths and show them a better way forward.  I look forward to working with you to bring greater joy and happiness to your life.”

About David

At a young age, David recognized in himself the ability to discern the thoughts and feelings of others.  When he was 12, he startled his family and friends by unfailingly identifying random object that any person in the room secretly selected.  This was followed by the increasingly accurate ability to describe the character of individuals previously unknown to him.  Since then, friends and strangers alike have been seeking out David’s counsel when making important life decisions. David has continued to hone his skills, astonishing friends and acquaintances with his ability to intuit and expose their greatest dreams and abilities, leaving each with the knowledge that they have the ability to be happier and more successful than they ever imagined.David’s primary abilities are:  Clairsentience, in which he senses the feelings and thoughts of others; Claircognizance, by which he instinctively knows of events past and future; and Psychometry, where he is able to discern the thoughts and concerns of others by touching one of their personal objects. In addition to his one-on-one consulting practice, David is often hired by corporate clients to bring out the thoughts and character of their employees and increase their ability to successfully work together. TESTIMONIALS: “Thank you for a great job entertaining our group last week. You were a great addition to our event and everyone loved you!! Living in Gratitude!” -Gordon McGregor, The Chopra Center “You did a great job last night! I’m a believer.”  Mary Hall , “The Recessionista” “David was a great addition to our party. He was very professional, and VERY accurate. Throughout the night I had many people tell me how good he was. Thank you David!”  Gina Panucho, General Monitors “He is intriguing and thought provoking. We were still talking about him the next day.” Christian & Timbers