Proactive vs Reactive by Terri

It is always best when one can be Proactive and not Reactive.

When one is faced with a situation that throws us a curve our immediate sense is to react. This then puts us into fear and panic, but if we can flip the switch, think, and be proactive we WIN.

I always like to teach my clients that when we are faced with a situation it is best if one can learn to put it in their hands, which then allows them to look at what it is. When the situation resides in our emotional place or our heads it seems to feel like a ten-headed monster, but once we can place it in our hands and look at it outside of our inner self then all of a sudden that ten- headed monster reveals itself to be a small little insect. Wow, all that anxiety, fear and discomfort over something that is totally manageable.

When we React to things, people or situations we are putting ourselves at a disadvantage.

When we are Reactive this means that we are acting in response to a situation rather than creating it or controlling it ourselves.

When we are Proactive we are creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. An example of this is to be Proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems. It also means that when something has happened that we stop and examine what just occurred so that we make a positive choice.

I do believe that we are all intuitive, and if we listen to that little voice in our heads or that feeling that grabs our tummies when we are being altered to be mindful of something or someone than one can more easily make the choice to be Proactive and not Reactive to whatever that situation is.

It is also so very important to remember that we have CHOICES. We sometimes make a choice that turns out not to be the best choice or in our best interest. If one can do their best not to view this as right or wrong, but rather as an opportunity to make another choice we will be well on our way. This will allow us to grow and learn from our experiences which will then allow us to make Proactive Choices and not make choices because of Reacting in the moment.