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ESPsychics is a gathering of brilliant, accomplished, and gifted individuals sharing a common passion for the spiritual, metaphysical, and supernatural matters of this world for the better benefit of all. We provide a unique experience for clients with live psychic readings in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills as well chat, email, and phone psychic readings in Long Island, Rochester, New York, and anywhere else in the country. With the assistance of exceptional psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, Reiki masters, clairvoyants, life coaches, energy healers, empaths, mentalists, and dream interpreters, we hope to serve with accuracy, integrity and reliability. With such comprehensive array of gifts, we offer readings covering love and relationships, crossed over loved ones, career, healing, tarot cards or dream interpretation and so much more.

About Our Owners

Knowing how it feels like to get ripped off or scammed by various service providers, the owners of ESPsychics strive for quality when it comes to its goal in providing clients with the best experience – whether in live, chat, email, or phone psychic reading. With this in mind and using their gifts, they were able to hand pick the most suitable and exceptional individuals to bring such dream to reality.

What makes ESPsychics different from any other psychic service provider? All our psychics have been tested and screened for several factors including, accuracy, ethics, personality, and loving energies. We will not hire just anyone. The psychics have to be the “total package” in order to be a part of this exclusive, invite only website. The emphasis on the quality of psychics and not the quantity, will maintain our exceptional and unique reputation. This pertains to all psychics, clairvoyants, psychic mediums, energy healers, tarot card readers, astrologers, and empaths.

We care about our clients and psychics. We believe a client deserves to get an accurate, healing experience of a reading. When it comes to phone psychic readings in New York, Los Angeles, or Beverly Hills, the client should get off the phone and feel they just had a great experience and be moved by the psychic’s accuracy and loving energies.

Providing the highest quality services from the most accurate psychics and treating our psychics like family members. We want everyone to be healthy and happy!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission as healers is to provide you access to the highest quality psychic and professional intuitives from truly gifted, ethical and loving souls. We want you to feel like a VIP client that receives an accurate psychic reading or a true healing experience from intuitives or any member of our team.

Whether live, through phone, chat, or email, you deserve a reading / session from a truly a gifted individual who will have love and compassion towards you and does not damage you or your soul. You deserve to be spiritually advised and connected to, not fraudulently scammed or preyed upon because you are trusting or vulnerable. We will strive to make sure that you have this loving experience.

From live psychic readings in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles to chat/ phone readings in Rochester and Long Island, New York, we want to help heal people, one soul at a time.


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