Diary of a Seaside Therapist by Elaine

Fourteen years ago I made a move that would change mine and my family’s lives forever.

Leaving behind the sleepy town that had been home to myself and three beautiful children,we embarked on an unexpected adventure. Moving to Falmouth, Cornwall was a totally spiritually guided experience. I simply woke up one morning and we were all living by the sea, two hundred miles from home and none of us really understood why?

Falmouth is a beautiful seaside town in the county of Cornwall in the UK. It is in the south west of the country, almost at Land’s end. Well known for it’s thriving artist community and a laid back surfer culture, a stunning coastline and natural scenic beauty, Cornwall is a popular destination for tourists.What many don’t know is the strength of the spiritual community that thrives there.

Each one of us had an established life with friends, schools and family back in our home town. The change was so sudden we all reeled from the shock for many months until a new life began to take shape.

Shortly before the move I had been working at a high powered job in medical research. I gave this up in much the same way as I forced our relocation. Spirit told me to do it.

Leaving a responsible job to study for a beauty and holistic therapist training course appeared totally crazy to many people. To add to the madness I had no rational explanation apart from a deep ‘knowing’ that this was the only path to follow.

Working as a therapist I would give clients massage treatments. As they closed their eyes to relax I would begin to see their faces become overshadowed by past life incarnations. A man’s face followed by a Chinese woman, an Asian. then a North American Indian followed by a young girl. The faces kept coming. Then lights would begin to flash around the room and strange shapes manifest on the walls.

My client  may have been blissfully unaware but I was fascinated and instinctively knew that these happenings were for a reason.

What followed has been a long and eventful journey involving constant training, taking courses and listening to spirit and their guidance.
I trust spirit and their guidance fully and know that even if the path may present a few roadblocks, they are there for a reason and their sole purpose is to perfect me in my role as a healer.

In the weeks to come I will share my journey with you and pass on wisdom and encouragement from spirit.

We are all on our own unique and personal journey. I hope that by sharing  mine it will create hope and inspiration to anyone finding the path a little rocky.

More to follow…