Diary of a Seaside Therapist by Elaine

Relocating two hundred miles to a small seaside town with my young family wasn’t easy. It wasn’t supposed to be. Spirit had ordered me to leave everything I knew and loved so I blindly followed their directions. I knew I had the personal strengths required and would be tested all the way. I trusted spirit completely. I was ready for the adventure and eagerly anticipated every single experience, either joyful or challenging.

Needing a job, my guide told me to distribute leaflets for my beauty and holistic therapy services, door to door in the streets close to my small rented ¬†fisherman’s cottage. Within a few hours my telephone rang with an invitation to interview for a local hotel as resident therapist. I had posted a leaflet to the owner’s home. ¬†Accepting the offer I was soon regularly working in a luxury environment, just footsteps from my home. Spirit were ensuring I had enough money to survive and a constant stream of unsuspecting people to practice my newly acquired spiritual gifts on. Clients never knew about the information I picked up during those massage and beauty treatments. I had to learn to trust my skills before having the confidence to share such personal information. What if I got it wrong? This was fascinating but at the same time terrifying work and the responsibility felt, at times, overwhelming.

The local spiritualist church was my next destination. Usually an avid party girl I found myself spending every Saturday night listening and learning from the mediums and psychics. My friends scratched their heads in bewilderment, unable to comprehend the changes in their “good time girlfriend.” Nothing surprised me anymore , I had surrendered to spirit and the learning curve that followed was the most exciting and enlightening journey I had ever travelled.

The president of the church was Des, a good looking man with an freshly laundered shirt, open at the neck several buttons too many, with a gold chain nestling in greying chest hair and a cheeky twinkle in his eye.I privately re-named him “Saturday night Des ” and all of us ladies enjoyed a lingering, welcoming and departing kiss as he policed the door.
I asked Des to train me as a healer. He replied I would have to prove myself by attending regularly to watch the others and make their tea. My ego took a knock. I wasn’t prepared to do that. I wanted training and felt I was being held back. I dreamed of becoming a star platform guest, imparting loving messages to the congregation and healing the masses from the church clinic. Little did I know that spirit had very different plans for this eager,wanna be healer. I needed to learn that it wasn’t me in charge but part of me wanted to force the changes. Trusting that spirit always know best and have your best interests at the forefront takes a lot of courage.
Realising that I needed to learn the art of meditation I joined a circle ran by one of the church members. It was a weekly event with eighteen members, all novices. I had no idea that the well intentioned man in charge was unable to control the energy that we collectively generated. What happened to me during my first meditation was to become THE defining moment in my spiritual development. Terrifying yet incredible, my life was never to be the same again.

More to follow……….