Circle of Life by Michelle S

I know we are soul mates and just are meant to be together. 

We are all energy beings connected through auras, chakras, and character traits that draw one person to another. A strong attraction to another feels like you “know” the person or have seen them somewhere. The question really should be which one of our past lives? Something so familiar yet meeting this person for the first time. How can that be a possibility?

Living in a parallel Universe

It really is a Circle of Life. We are all part of a bigger Universe continuing through the centuries and into our present time. Ancestral charts, Akashic Records, Past Lives, and Channeling our Loved Ones are tools that figure out all of our past and our family’s history. We weren’t all famous American Indians, English Royalty, or Famous Artists. There are murderers, prostitutes, witches and other darker pasts and don’t forget those that died at a very young age. The point is all those past selves became part of our makeup and I believe intertwine all of our energies from past to now. We feel some affinity for certain people and repelled by others not necessarily by looks but through their very essence.

Everyone was given a contract before they are brought into this world. This includes who our parents, siblings, friendships, marriages, etc. When presented with our actual “life”, unfinished business from past lives (and these can go back to the very beginning of time) have to be completed before we move on to our next life. This may sound silly but is it really that farfetched?

How many times have you met someone and you just “know” them or straining to remember where you have seen this person? These people are part of our long ago past so we just keep re-acquainting over and over until they move or we move on with new contracts to complete a new cycle.