Circle of Life by Michelle S

I know we are soul mates and just are meant to be together. 

We are all energy beings connected through auras, chakras, and character traits that draw one person to another. A strong attraction to another feels like you “know” the person or have seen them somewhere. The question really should be which one of our past lives? Something so familiar yet meeting this person for the first time. How can that be a possibility?

Living in a parallel Universe

It really is a Circle of Life. We are all part of a bigger Universe continuing through the centuries and into our present time. Ancestral charts, Akashic Records, Past Lives, and Channeling our Loved Ones are tools that figure out all of our past and our family’s history. We weren’t all famous American Indians, English Royalty, or Famous Artists. There are murderers, prostitutes, witches and other darker pasts and don’t forget those that died at a very young age. The point is all those past selves became part of our makeup and I believe intertwine all of our energies from past to now. We feel some affinity for certain people and repelled by others not necessarily by looks but through their very essence.

Everyone was given a contract before they are brought into this world. This includes who our parents, siblings, friendships, marriages, etc. When presented with our actual “life”, unfinished business from past lives (and these can go back to the very beginning of time) have to be completed before we move on to our next life. This may sound silly but is it really that farfetched?

How many times have you met someone and you just “know” them or straining to remember where you have seen this person? These people are part of our long ago past so we just keep re-acquainting over and over until they move or we move on with new contracts to complete a new cycle. 

Changing Your Energy Now by Sunhee

You are in charge of your own ENERGY, if you want to be happy you will. If you want to stay unhappy you will. Look at your job, your friends, your family. Are you distributing your energy too much? Are you happy after you work your job? Do friends take advantage of your kind ear? Its nobody’s fault if you keep running to everyone and everything to appease people. You are distributing your precious energy constantly and your not able to recuperate. They don’t mean to take your energy, but human nature is that they will keep taking if given to, and then soon expect. If you don’t feel good always giving then why do we keep doing it? 

You have to remember that in your DNA, you are used to seeing dysfunction, abuse or people who had chaos in their lives. Try to look back and see why the feeling of mental illness, depression, anger, sadness, fear are all emotions that you are used to feeling. Once you do the internal work and you work on yourself to forgive, you will feel a huge force lifted off of your chest. You are setting yourself free. Its liberating to take those emotions off of you, and putting it into the air to fly away.

Like energy attracts like energy, so remember that if you were in a dysfunctional relationship, most likely you attracted the same people as friends, in a job, and family members. It’s healthy to take the time to clean out the closet and re assess what really makes you feel good. The GOOD feeling is what is going to give you energy, make you more motivated, smile and laugh more and on and on. You are in charge of what energy you want to surround yourself with, and you are in charge of doing the internal work. If you stay at your job and stay miserable, your body becomes numb to that feeling. If you have friends that are all about them, then you get drained because its a one sided relationship. If your family expects you to run to them all the time and you do; then you will feel drained once again. Its time to buckle down and organize your energy. Energy is time, and time is money. Everything gets affected and it spirals downward before you know it.

Change your energy! You can do it! Let go of the toxic job, people and things that don’t make you feel good. Let go of the worries, fears and living like you dont deserve and aren’t worthy, because you are! Take one thing at a time if you are overwhelmed, but once your body gets used to the good feeling, it will REJECT the negative instantly. You will have more energy, feel more positive about the future, and you wont become everyone’s thoughts of NEEDING you.

Lets change together, and shift in a more positive space, thanks for reading!

Awakening Inner Spirit By Angel

Some may ask, How do I know when the Inner Spirit is awakened? The human mind is complex, having many

beliefs. Beliefs that are conscious and others are hidden in the unconscious. Some beliefs activate the Inner

Spirit and others put it to ‘sleep’.


When the human mind dominants by over thinking and you give it power, it controls your life, creating many

complexities through its familiar belief patterns.  There are beliefs that trigger the ego control and those that

activate the inner Spirit. When the ego is running your life, that area it’s running it’s running have dormant and

active beliefs that are not serving the inner spirit. The Ego reacts through a flight, flight, protect mode where

it feels it has to shield itself from lower frequencies.


If you allow the human ego to control your life and identify with it as you, you create separateness and

experience struggles.  The stronger the human ego control, comes in the forms of resistance. judgment,

force,  and hate the greater the level of struggle creating more struggles and negative influences. Habits and

beliefs that are not in alignment with your Spirit being attract lessons, in the form of challenges in the area

necessary to evolve, to help you become smarter “spiritually. As you start to Awaken the inner Spirit,  you

expand spiritually and become more playful, loving with a peaceful expression.


Choices we make are based on the most Dominant belief System-Transform the Belief System-Transform

YOUR Life.


Judgment is a label of  right and wrong, good and bad based on inward beliefs. Any feelings you are

experiencingas a participant you then identify with those feelings, thereby trigger behaviors that are

self-focused, in insecure, fear- driven, and needy. Quiet the mind and calm the emotions. Put your attention

on love, appreciation, gratitude and celebration not on fixing, correcting the dramas in the world, Move you

out of judging the situation or person and avoid attracting negative influences. Focus and keep your attention

on what you would like to create, rather than what is annoying you. In other words go above the condition

rather than underneath it.


Embrace any feelings of Fear, insecurity, rather than resist, persist through complaining or judge it.


Be the observer rather than participant of the human thoughts, unpleasant situations or chaos in order to

diffuse its power over you . This will allow you to  move into an inward calmness to respond vs. react to the

thoughts,situation or chaos.


A Buddhist said if you don’t accept the gift it is not yours. So if someone behaves in a manner that you don’t

feel connected to, bless them and know it is perfect. Yon don’t have to entertain it, by teaching, giving your

opinion, judging, etc. That moves you out of a inner Peace and Love and then the Ego control of fight,

flight and protections kicks in.


A Peaceful-Joyful-Loving Approach to the Inner Spirit mind is simple. Its focus is on gratitude, innovation and exploring new tasks at hand. This educates the human mind and you become smarter in a more joyful manner.


When the heart is focused on appreciation and love first in your life, it triggers the Inner Spirit to become

more active and there is a more loving flow with life and all decisions. The Awakened Inner Spirit has a sense

of freedom, an aliveness, higher sense of love, joy, peace and  harmony. You feel vital and accepting. A sense

of being in the moment and enjoying life.


You “awaken your Inner Spirit” when you transmute enough of the beliefs that no longer serve. As these beliefs are transmuted, more of your inner Spirit ‘awakens’ and can express in a fuller manner. Eventually you experience a level  of Spiritual Freedom, a heightened frequency level of inner peace, greater joy and pure love. where you are so connected to love that there is no shielding because the lower frequencies cannot touch this vibration.


You enjoy sharing from a ‘we’ focus and flow with life in a calm, peaceful, harmonious, humble, happier and more  positive manner.

Proactive vs Reactive by Terri

It is always best when one can be Proactive and not Reactive.

When one is faced with a situation that throws us a curve our immediate sense is to react. This then puts us into fear and panic, but if we can flip the switch, think, and be proactive we WIN.

I always like to teach my clients that when we are faced with a situation it is best if one can learn to put it in their hands, which then allows them to look at what it is. When the situation resides in our emotional place or our heads it seems to feel like a ten-headed monster, but once we can place it in our hands and look at it outside of our inner self then all of a sudden that ten- headed monster reveals itself to be a small little insect. Wow, all that anxiety, fear and discomfort over something that is totally manageable.

When we React to things, people or situations we are putting ourselves at a disadvantage.

When we are Reactive this means that we are acting in response to a situation rather than creating it or controlling it ourselves.

When we are Proactive we are creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. An example of this is to be Proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems. It also means that when something has happened that we stop and examine what just occurred so that we make a positive choice.

I do believe that we are all intuitive, and if we listen to that little voice in our heads or that feeling that grabs our tummies when we are being altered to be mindful of something or someone than one can more easily make the choice to be Proactive and not Reactive to whatever that situation is.

It is also so very important to remember that we have CHOICES. We sometimes make a choice that turns out not to be the best choice or in our best interest. If one can do their best not to view this as right or wrong, but rather as an opportunity to make another choice we will be well on our way. This will allow us to grow and learn from our experiences which will then allow us to make Proactive Choices and not make choices because of Reacting in the moment.

Why do psychics readings fail? By Vaishali

Psychics are considered to be “seers” – they can foresee the future. They possess the ability of clairvoyance or clear vision to be able to see into the future using ESP or a sixth sense. Depending on the psychic, they may also possess clairaudience meaning psychic hearing or hearing in a paranormal manner. Claircognizance or knowingness allows a psychic to connect to the Universe and just know the answer. These are just a few “clairs” a psychic may possess.

A lot of people think psychics are phony or cannot give them a clear or proper answer. There is some truth to that. Some psychics may be phony and make things up. Some psychics may not be able to give the clients a clear answer. However, genuine psychics do exist. It is like any other trade, you may need to go through several bad ones to get to a good one. Also, not every psychic is right for every person. You can go to the best doctor in the world, but if he cannot cure you, he is of no use to you. On the other hand, you can just go to an ordinary doctor, and if he can cure you, then he is worth gold to you. The same theory applies for psychics. At the end of the day, you have to find the one that is right for you.

In addition to finding the right psychic, you also need to be able to ask them the right questions. Otherwise, you may not get a proper reading. When people come to a psychic, they generally have an issue that is hounding them or are looking for some information about how the future will turn out.

Here is an example of how you can frame the right question for the psychic:

Let’s say Mary has a question about her love life. She goes to a psychic and asks, “Tell me about my love life.” When you approach a psychic with a general question, you will get a general answer. It is like saying “I want food” which is too general of a statement.

However, Mary is already in a relationship with John.

When you first ask a psychic a question about a relationship, the first question they will ask you is “Is it about an existing relationship or a new relationship?” So, Mary can save some time by asking about Mary and John. It is like saying “I want to get some Italian food” instead of just asking for food.

Being specific about the question will save you some time.

For instance, asking “I would like to know more about the future potential of our relationship,” or “I would like to know why there is a communication problem between us.” Asking a specific question is like asking for a specific order. “I would like to get Linguini with White Clam sauce.”

Comparing the analogy, the two parties are John and Mary, or Linguini and White Clam sauce.

The next pertinent question is about timing. Do you want to know one week out in the future, one month or six months? Just asking about the future of a relationship does not say much. Maybe nothing will happen in a week, but in 3-6 months, you will talk about engagement.

So, coming down to our restaurant analogy, it would be “I would like to get Linguini with White clam sauce in the next 30 minutes” or maybe Wednesday of next week.

So, instead of going to a psychic and asking “tell me about my future,” think of what it would be to ask “John and I are seeing each other, where do you see this relationship in the next six months?” Do you think you will save both you and the psychic a lot of questions and get a clearer answer?

Now you have specified the following:

·         The two parties in the question

·         The query or information needed

·         The time-frame over which this information is expected

Just noting these 3 points will save you about 2-3 minutes for the reading. Learning to frame a proper question is an art. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer will be. Usually, a client has something specific in mind that he/she would like to know. However, they lack the knowledge to frame a proper question. This leads to a back and forth round of questions between the client and the reader. In order to save time and get the most out of your reading, frame specific questions. A precise question will get you a precise answer. You will have time to explore further in the area of your question based on the response you receive for your question.

A good psychic may often ask you a few questions about your question itself or re-frame your question so that you will get a more accurate response. Generally, a client is always looking for a specific response, but has some issues in framing a question properly. So, the next time you are looking for an accurate psychic reading, make sure you are armed with a good set of questions for the psychic.

To ask the right question is already half the solution of a problem.” Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious,1934 by Carl Jung.

When One Reading Is Enough by Kimberly

Being Psychic is intriguing, however, being a Medium makes life worthwhile. As a Certified Psychic and Medium my life is nothing more than fun and entertaining and I have been blessed so many times by the people who come into my life. At a recent Psychic and Holistic Fair is was business as usual reading for clients who had questions about relationship, career, finances and hoping to hear from someone on the other side. As I finished a reading a very nicely dressed woman with her young daughter approached my table and the woman asked if I was available and if her daughter could sit with us for the reading. I grabbed an extra chair and we all sat down at my table. As I reached for my cards I pushed them aside and said “you lost someone” and she nodded her head. I suddenly looked directly at her and said “Mother” and watched her lean in and answer “yes”. Suddenly so much was coming in. I said “Sister” and the woman looked at her little girl and smiled. I found myself looking at this little girl across from me and telling her “she loved when you brushed her hair and fixed it fancy with flowers” and I watched this little girl start to cry and her mother was smiling as a tear threatened to escape. I said “she loved dancing” and the mother said, no. I insisted she loved dancing and the mother continued to say no. I told the little girl that she had something hanging on her bedroom wall that she had made and that it was important. This is when they shared with me that the little girls’ 12 year old sister had died unexpectedly, they did not know she was going to die. The girl had made a picture to honor her sister and hung it on her wall. I told the little girl that her sister likes to visit her in her bedroom and listen to the music and thinks it is funny when she sings but likes it. The little girl also validated that she used to brush her sisters hair.  I insisted again that she likes dancing and the little girl suddenly brightened up and told me that her little sister dances. They began to ask questions as I channeled this little 12 year old girl from spirit. Both of them laughing and smiling. I told the little girl her sister wanted her to pay attention to the little chickadee birds because they are her and she cried again telling me that the day her sister died there were all these birds flying around the big window in their house. As we finished up the reading the mother asked if I would like to see a picture of her daughter who had passed and she shared with me the girl had been injured at birth and had never been able to walk or speak. This was the first they had ever heard her words. And THIS makes what I do worthwhile. I am forever grateful for the gift of this mother and daughter visiting me that day.

Diary of a Seaside Therapist by Elaine

The atmosphere at the spiritualist church was highly charged with energy as eighteen people sat expectantly, waiting for their first ever meditation circle to begin.
We all shifted about on hard wooden chairs smiling nervously at one another.
I knew that meditation was the key to my spiritual development and was excited and anxious all at once.

Our teacher James entered the room, and asked us  to introduce ourselves.
We were a diverse group consisting of people  from young to old, spiritual wannabees to the just plain curious. Our common link was that none of us knew how to meditate. I had a rough idea of the Aura but needed to know how to open my Chakras.

James settled us down and we began some deep breathing exercises. This had a calming effect and I began to relax. He asked us to visualise each coloured Chackra as the tight bud of a flower slowly opening.  As I followed his instructions I felt the temperature around me change. An icy blast of energy hit my face which became itchy as if there were cobwebs all around it. I felt light headed and disorientated. I tried to visualise growing roots from the soles of my feet to ground myself but it didn’t work. I felt as if the top of my head and blasted open and I was flying through the air in time and space.

Panicking I tried desperately to catch my breath. It felt as if a tidal wave of energy had hit me leaving me unable to breathe.
James took us on a journey to sit by an oak tree and then psychically placed an object on a chair in the center of the circle, asking us to try and pick up what it could be?  All I could think of was trying to stay grounded. I was terrified and out of my depth. Suddenly a vision of a clear quartz crystal popped into my head.

Slowly he brought us all back into the room. I gasped for breath and was shocked to find out that I had been crying. How did I become so out of control?
James asked us all to tell him what we had seen in the center of the circle.
Many had seen nothing, someone said, rather oddly, “a sheep” and I said “a clear quartz crystal.”
James shot me a look. I was the only person to see what he had actually put there with his psychic ability. I don’t know who was the most surprised, him or me.
Later I asked why I had been in such a terrified state? He explained that when you open up for the first time spirit can be so excited to finally make contact they will rush forwards.all at once . I had virtually been knocked over by their terrific energy in their enthusiasm to connect with me. Flattered as I was the experience had left me feeling out of control and too frightened to repeat it.

From then on every time I tried to attend the circle something would happen to prevent me from leaving home. My car broke down before I set off, an unexpected event would get in the way or I would feel unwell. Later I found out that the energy in the circle was not being controlled by James and we were all in a certain amount of danger. Spirit had decided to prevent me from any more exposure to harm and were keeping me safe at home.

From that point on I meditated quietly and alone. I opened my Chakras cautiously and closed down at once if I felt overwhelmed.
Once I asked for a sign that spirit were close and when I opened my eyes a ball of violet energy with gold sparks flying from it was right there in front of my eyes.
“Whoah, back off ” I said!
That was too close for comfort. From then on I always asked for my guides to come forwards gently and in my time, not theirs. This may have taken me longer to develop my skills but it felt comfortable and right.

Once I asked if I would ever return to the spiritualist church and work from the platform, giving readings and messages from loved ones.
The answer boomed in my ear.

“NO!. You are to face a much wider audience and will help many to find love and happiness.”
Once again I was shocked by their response. Working from the church had been a lifetime ambition of mine. So just what dd spirit have in store for me?

Unable to fathom any of this information I decided the best thing for me to do was to surrender to whatever they wanted from me.

The most incredible adventure was about to start……..

“TWIN FLAMES” by Chinhee

There’s a special client I will never forget because she was skeptical but intrigued by psychics.  She called me in 2012.  She didn’t know how to proceed with the call, so I took the lead.  I told her she had dark brown hair and was in her 40’s but looked like she was in her 30’s.  I also told her she’s calling to ask me about a relationship, that she wanted to know if she was ever going to settle down.  Basically, I had her at describing her physical looks but really snagged her at wanting to know if she was ever going to settle down.  I asked So, what’s his name?  She told me Chris.  I didn’t feel anything with Chris, I felt a small connection as I know everyone is connected in some way, but this was not the guy she was going to settle down with.  So, as I already knew what she was going to ask, if he was the one, I had to be my blunt NY self.  I said, “NO, I’m sorry he is not the one.”  She replied, “Really?  Are you sure?  I feel such a connection with him, he’s the only one I would even consider settling down with.”  I replied, “Really?  I don’t feel he’s in contact with you consistently everyday, I feel like he’s not fully available and is a bit immature emotionally.”  She said, “Yeah, you’re right, but will he come around and call me soon?”  I started to zone out and was quiet for a second.  I started picking up on a guy and began to describe him.  I said, “Who’s the gentleman that you are around a lot and has dirty blonde hair?  He’s rather handsome and so nice, I feel such a calm, connection with you two and there’s definitely a connection.”  She started to laugh and said, “Gabe? That’s my boss!  And no way, he’s married!!! He’s happily married with kids!”  What she said went through one ear and out the other.  I told her sternly.  “He’s your twin flame”  She laughed and said, Ok now I know why I don’t believe in psychics!  You seem like a nice person though so it wasn’t a total waste of my time and money.  Thanks…” I cut her off.  I told her, “He’s NOT happily married, he’s liked you the first day he saw you.  He’s going to leave his wife or something is going to make them apart.  I see him coming to you and confessing his long time crush on you and pursuing a relationship with you.  I see you and him merging your kids together and becoming 1 big family.  You will be living in a huge, white house with a pool.  I see you all so happy. “ She responded: “Wow, I don’t know where or how you would ever see that because I have never looked at him like that and he’s been with her for 15 years.”  I said, you never looked at him like that because he’s married.  But, trust me, it’s going to happen.


The following week she called me again and asked about “Chris”.  Wanted to know if she was going to see him at an out of town conference.  I told her yes, you will see him.  He will say hi, be drunk and that will be the extent of it.  He’s too embarrassed to talk to you in depth.  She was disappointed once again with my response.  She called me after the conference to confirm that everything I said that was going to happen, did.  A few months went by and she called and sounded like she saw a ghost.  I said, “What’s wrong?? Are you ok???”  She replied, “Do you remember what you told me about my boss?”  I said, yes, I told you a lot of things about your boss.  She said, “Well, he took me to the side and told me “ I need to tell you something, I have liked you since the first time I saw you at work.  I know I’m married, but I’m not  happy and our relationship ended years ago.  I plan on leaving her, would you be interested in going on a date?”   She said, she couldn’t believe it, she was shocked.  She almost didn’t know what to say.  They went on a date, and hit it off.  They talked all night and had the most lovely date.  She felt like she knew him forever and felt such a comfortable vibe with him.  She also said he’s so handsome and lovely.  But, she didn’t believe he was going to leave his wife.  I told her, HE IS GOING TO LEAVE HER!  Something is going to happen, where they will be split apart.

2 months later, she called me to tell me Gabe was no longer with his wife.  But, he didn’t leave her, she left him.  She had committed suicide and her life contract was up.  It was a shame for them to split that way, But I saw it happening and did not want to tell her the traumatic part of it.  He needed to heal but did not want her to leave his side.  Their relationship continued even after her passing.

Months went by and I hadn’t spoken to her.  I saw them living in their white house.  She called me finally and told me they just put money down on a big, white house with a pool.  I said I KNEW IT!

She just recently called me to tell me they are all living in their big, white house and their families have merged together and are happy as pigs in a blanket.  I  said, I’m so happy for you, You deserve it!!! Just make sure you let me know when the wedding is!  She laughed and said, “God, you have been right about everything in my life.  I can’t believe how much you’ve helped me.

I LOVE WHAT I DO!  It’s not work, it’s my way of life.




Chinhee Park

Diary of a Seaside Therapist by Elaine

Relocating two hundred miles to a small seaside town with my young family wasn’t easy. It wasn’t supposed to be. Spirit had ordered me to leave everything I knew and loved so I blindly followed their directions. I knew I had the personal strengths required and would be tested all the way. I trusted spirit completely. I was ready for the adventure and eagerly anticipated every single experience, either joyful or challenging.

Needing a job, my guide told me to distribute leaflets for my beauty and holistic therapy services, door to door in the streets close to my small rented  fisherman’s cottage. Within a few hours my telephone rang with an invitation to interview for a local hotel as resident therapist. I had posted a leaflet to the owner’s home.  Accepting the offer I was soon regularly working in a luxury environment, just footsteps from my home. Spirit were ensuring I had enough money to survive and a constant stream of unsuspecting people to practice my newly acquired spiritual gifts on. Clients never knew about the information I picked up during those massage and beauty treatments. I had to learn to trust my skills before having the confidence to share such personal information. What if I got it wrong? This was fascinating but at the same time terrifying work and the responsibility felt, at times, overwhelming.

The local spiritualist church was my next destination. Usually an avid party girl I found myself spending every Saturday night listening and learning from the mediums and psychics. My friends scratched their heads in bewilderment, unable to comprehend the changes in their “good time girlfriend.” Nothing surprised me anymore , I had surrendered to spirit and the learning curve that followed was the most exciting and enlightening journey I had ever travelled.

The president of the church was Des, a good looking man with an freshly laundered shirt, open at the neck several buttons too many, with a gold chain nestling in greying chest hair and a cheeky twinkle in his eye.I privately re-named him “Saturday night Des ” and all of us ladies enjoyed a lingering, welcoming and departing kiss as he policed the door.
I asked Des to train me as a healer. He replied I would have to prove myself by attending regularly to watch the others and make their tea. My ego took a knock. I wasn’t prepared to do that. I wanted training and felt I was being held back. I dreamed of becoming a star platform guest, imparting loving messages to the congregation and healing the masses from the church clinic. Little did I know that spirit had very different plans for this eager,wanna be healer. I needed to learn that it wasn’t me in charge but part of me wanted to force the changes. Trusting that spirit always know best and have your best interests at the forefront takes a lot of courage.
Realising that I needed to learn the art of meditation I joined a circle ran by one of the church members. It was a weekly event with eighteen members, all novices. I had no idea that the well intentioned man in charge was unable to control the energy that we collectively generated. What happened to me during my first meditation was to become THE defining moment in my spiritual development. Terrifying yet incredible, my life was never to be the same again.

More to follow……….

Chasing Abundance by Sheri

Are you chasing abundance in your life and find that you’re getting further away from those things that you desire instead of closer? That is what happens when you go after something without the proper focus and reasons behind your desired outcome.

There are many aspects to abundance – money, love, material things, spirituality and health. The majority of the people that I speak to are focused on two areas – money and love. When you put all your energy into just a portion of your life’s entitlements, you miss out on the true essence of what you were put on this earth for.

Abundance has many forms and when you are chasing any of the above mentioned aspects, you actually can attract in an abundance of lack, and abundance of lost love, an abundance of lost homes or possessions, an abundance of sickness and an abundance of being lost in this world. Because you are ‘chasing’ and not ‘allowing’ and ‘declaring’ the good into your life, because you hold doubts and negative thoughts in your mind and heart, because you hold onto unforgiveness of a past relationship, you are blocking that which you desire from coming into your life.

Think about the statement that I am sure every one of you have heard at some point. “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” The reason the rich get richer, their focus is not on where the next dollar is coming from. Their focus is on life and what they are going to do in the next step of their life. The poor are focusing on lack and, yes, it is a difficult thought process to change, however if it doesn’t change, according to the Laws of Universe you will attract back in exactly what you are putting out in your thoughts, words and actions.

Then there are those of you that have had abundance in some area, indulged to a point of going beyond the normal place whether by food, drink, substances, relationships, material possessions or any excess that led to some form of imbalance in your life. Suddenly that which you were abundant in is gone and that lack mentality is back at the forefront again. Your health starts to deteriorate, your bank account is empty, your house is in foreclosure, the person you thought would love you forever has walked away and your faith in Source is gone.

Don’t give away your power. Don’t allow your abundance to flow right past you. Give thanks for all the little things in your life, no matter how insignificant they seem. Love yourself and forgive yourself for all the life lessons you have come through (no they were not mistakes, they were simply life lessons that you needed to experience and to learn from and not repeat). When you take two steps backwards after moving forwards, don’t beat yourself up about it. Forgive yourself and take that next step forward.

The one constant in your life is that your angels, your guides and Source ALWAYS loved you, no matter what you have done or what you have lost. Talk to them. Tell them what your goals are. Ask them to help you to achieve those goals that you seek. Ask them to help you move past what you perceive as mistakes in life. Ask them to help you forgive others as well as yourself and then close the door on your past – permanently.

When I teach people lessons on manifesting their best life, the first thing they are told is to change their thoughts, words and actions. When they hate their job, they are told to go into their job in a state of love and put in 100% every single minute. Do not bad mouth the boss or co-workers to others, inside or outside of the place of employment. Go in with the mindset that you absolutely love every minute of being there. You never know who’s watching you and how a new opportunity will be presented to you whether within the workplace or by someone visiting the workplace or even someone outside that hears you talking about your job. When you are putting out that positive intention, Universe must comply and send something better back in. It’s the Law.

The same ideology goes for your health, your finances, your love life and all aspects aside from that. When you constantly worry, complain, stress and voice your negative words out to the world, people will either feed into it or walk away. Opportunities will stay at bay. Health will decline. Life will change and not in the way that you seek. You must change your thoughts, words and actions to a positive and loving reality.

Today, it’s time for you to stop chasing abundance and focus on allowing it to flow into your life. Pick only one area of your life at a time. Focus on that area. Think, speak and act positively in regards to that area and watch how it begins to change. Be patient as many have done a lot of damage that has to be repaired and if you backslide, don’t beat yourself up. Move forward again. Watch your life change for the better and the doors of opportunity will begin to open up for you. Talk to your guides and ask for their help and your outcome has to be success.

Blessings to you always.