“TWIN FLAMES” by Chinhee

There’s a special client I will never forget because she was skeptical but intrigued by psychics.  She called me in 2012.  She didn’t know how to proceed with the call, so I took the lead.  I told her she had dark brown hair and was in her 40’s but looked like she was in her 30’s.  I also told her she’s calling to ask me about a relationship, that she wanted to know if she was ever going to settle down.  Basically, I had her at describing her physical looks but really snagged her at wanting to know if she was ever going to settle down.  I asked So, what’s his name?  She told me Chris.  I didn’t feel anything with Chris, I felt a small connection as I know everyone is connected in some way, but this was not the guy she was going to settle down with.  So, as I already knew what she was going to ask, if he was the one, I had to be my blunt NY self.  I said, “NO, I’m sorry he is not the one.”  She replied, “Really?  Are you sure?  I feel such a connection with him, he’s the only one I would even consider settling down with.”  I replied, “Really?  I don’t feel he’s in contact with you consistently everyday, I feel like he’s not fully available and is a bit immature emotionally.”  She said, “Yeah, you’re right, but will he come around and call me soon?”  I started to zone out and was quiet for a second.  I started picking up on a guy and began to describe him.  I said, “Who’s the gentleman that you are around a lot and has dirty blonde hair?  He’s rather handsome and so nice, I feel such a calm, connection with you two and there’s definitely a connection.”  She started to laugh and said, “Gabe? That’s my boss!  And no way, he’s married!!! He’s happily married with kids!”  What she said went through one ear and out the other.  I told her sternly.  “He’s your twin flame”  She laughed and said, Ok now I know why I don’t believe in psychics!  You seem like a nice person though so it wasn’t a total waste of my time and money.  Thanks…” I cut her off.  I told her, “He’s NOT happily married, he’s liked you the first day he saw you.  He’s going to leave his wife or something is going to make them apart.  I see him coming to you and confessing his long time crush on you and pursuing a relationship with you.  I see you and him merging your kids together and becoming 1 big family.  You will be living in a huge, white house with a pool.  I see you all so happy. “ She responded: “Wow, I don’t know where or how you would ever see that because I have never looked at him like that and he’s been with her for 15 years.”  I said, you never looked at him like that because he’s married.  But, trust me, it’s going to happen.


The following week she called me again and asked about “Chris”.  Wanted to know if she was going to see him at an out of town conference.  I told her yes, you will see him.  He will say hi, be drunk and that will be the extent of it.  He’s too embarrassed to talk to you in depth.  She was disappointed once again with my response.  She called me after the conference to confirm that everything I said that was going to happen, did.  A few months went by and she called and sounded like she saw a ghost.  I said, “What’s wrong?? Are you ok???”  She replied, “Do you remember what you told me about my boss?”  I said, yes, I told you a lot of things about your boss.  She said, “Well, he took me to the side and told me “ I need to tell you something, I have liked you since the first time I saw you at work.  I know I’m married, but I’m not  happy and our relationship ended years ago.  I plan on leaving her, would you be interested in going on a date?”   She said, she couldn’t believe it, she was shocked.  She almost didn’t know what to say.  They went on a date, and hit it off.  They talked all night and had the most lovely date.  She felt like she knew him forever and felt such a comfortable vibe with him.  She also said he’s so handsome and lovely.  But, she didn’t believe he was going to leave his wife.  I told her, HE IS GOING TO LEAVE HER!  Something is going to happen, where they will be split apart.

2 months later, she called me to tell me Gabe was no longer with his wife.  But, he didn’t leave her, she left him.  She had committed suicide and her life contract was up.  It was a shame for them to split that way, But I saw it happening and did not want to tell her the traumatic part of it.  He needed to heal but did not want her to leave his side.  Their relationship continued even after her passing.

Months went by and I hadn’t spoken to her.  I saw them living in their white house.  She called me finally and told me they just put money down on a big, white house with a pool.  I said I KNEW IT!

She just recently called me to tell me they are all living in their big, white house and their families have merged together and are happy as pigs in a blanket.  I  said, I’m so happy for you, You deserve it!!! Just make sure you let me know when the wedding is!  She laughed and said, “God, you have been right about everything in my life.  I can’t believe how much you’ve helped me.

I LOVE WHAT I DO!  It’s not work, it’s my way of life.




Chinhee Park