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Violet is an intuitive spiritual guide, angels messenger, inherently psychic living the professional practice of an angel messenger, relationship specialist, and life guide. Being one of the most respected psychic and spirit messengers in Los Angeles, Violet takes her work seriously and treats it with the utmost integrity and respect. Violet was born with an inner sense of knowing. She is naturally gifted psychic and empathic intuitive and has inherited this skill from her grandmother who at 86 is still inspiring Violet to help as much people as she can. She started to realize her gift when she was just a child and with the aid of her devoted grandmother, Violet began her journey into the world of metaphysics, spiritual guides, divine spirits, communicating with angels, and medium abilities.  She spent over 17 intensive years in training, developing her skills and working with some of the top psychic mediums. Violet received confirmation of her special psychic abilities during her high school years when her unique skills were amplified and brought to the surface and she was able to control and use this gift to help others.  Violet passionately believes that her job as a psychic and healer is not only to help those who need guidance but also to empower everyone to follow their own spiritual journey. Sacred to her heart, Violet is happy devoting all of her time and energy in helping each person. She is in Los Angeles enlightening people with chakra balancing, crystal healing, dream interpretations, aura readings, and cleansing. She presents and consults you with all of your possibilities in life, showing you true spiritual higher-self. Your divine spirits work through her, to help you bring you to your full potential, empowering you to realize and lead you to your brighter future.  Dedicated to sharing her many gifts, she is a leader of governing balance and positivity. Violet helps you to understand and tap into your own inner-guidance (psychic intuition) for answers and loves guiding each person to fully embrace the secret petitions of your heart.

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