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Subject & Expertise

Tarot cards and Angels have always attracted me. They guide my psychic abilities and help me help and heal others. Through these cards I have been able to detect problems, provide solutions and caution others. As solutions and remedies to situations, I offer Sanskrit mantras, Indian rituals and positive affirmations. I also promote practicing Law of attraction through visualization techniques and recorded messages. My clients say I am affectionate and patient in listening to their queries and never leave them mid way. I am more of a clairsentient, wherein I feel your energies to heal you better.

About Smriti

My grandmother was the first to recognize my spiritual gift when I, at the age of 2 and half years, had predicted my grandfather death. As I grew old, life made me go through hard times, bitter experiences, heartbreaks, depressing times, emotional lows. Each experience was like passing through a tunnel of fire from where I came out more refined. Tarot/Angel card readings and practicing The Law of Attraction helped me refine my psychic abilities and intuitive powers. I work closely with my angels, master, spirit guides and my deceased loved ones. They have their own way of communicating with me. I also practice Sanskrit mantras and Indian rituals. I operate from a space of love and light only.