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Subject & Expertise

Experienced, tested and certified, International Intuitive Psychic, Angel Reader, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Empath & Reiki Master. Messages provided through SPIRIT GUIDE/ANGELIC MESSENGER contact as well as oracle and angel cards.  When Yes or No answers required, the pendulum is used.. All messages come from a place of love and honesty, never fear or judgment based on sexuality or race. Sheri assists you with your life path, soul purpose, relationships, career, finances, manifesting your dreams, abundance and working out life’s kinks. As a tested and certified International Intuitive Psychic, Angel Reader, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, Sheri provides messages and information through contact with your spirit guides and angelic messengers as well as her own. All messages received from your guides come from a place of love, honesty and never fear. This allows Sheri to give you the information you seek on love, money, life and soul purpose, manifesting your dreams, career, family relationships, spiritual guidance, healing your past and living your best future or just working out life’s daily kinks. Spiritual counseling is also healing. As an Empath, Sheri can tune into your energy to provide guidance and as a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Sheri has the insight to assist you with healing in all areas of your life. There is never judgment based on lifestyle, your past or present situation or sexuality. Sheri also works with her totems – the Bald Eagle, the Red Tail Hawk and the Great Gray Owl. She can help you to discover your totems or what they represent in your life. Sheri is also on a Shaman’s journey at this time which allows her to connect with the ancient guides. She has studied under Mandaza Kandemwa, a traditional healer (Shaman) from Zimbabwe Africa.

Experience includes:
Relationships – love, family, friends, LGBTQ, Angel Readings, Intuitive Readings, Oracle & Angel Card Readings, Life Coach, Spiritual Counseling, Dream Interpretation, Spirit Guide Readings, Religion Answers.

About Sheri

I have been on the most miraculous spiritual journey for several years now and know that each moment is a learning experience for me and a step on my true life purpose. I was always attracted to the spiritual world and the metaphysical side of life.  In 2002 I started my Reiki training and things changed in my life drastically as I healed from the inside out.  When I received my attunement for my Master/Teacher, the world opened up as did my visions. I was blessed with many gifts that helped me to grow stronger in my abilities.  I finally understood what I was here to do and that is where the Spiritual Life Coaching came in. I also grew to understand the messages I had been receiving all these years and through automatic writing, I was able to meet my spirit guides and connect with them and their messages.  From that point on, I used meditation, automatic writing and the belief in myself to lead the way to what I was put here to do.  Today, I work with oracle cards, crystals, my guides, angels and my three totems (the Bald Eagle, the Red Tail Hawk, the Great Gray Owl).


Very warm and professional.Right on point, I did not need to inform her of much. She came back with time frames, and full name( even the nick name), seemed very intoned to the situation. Hands down…. Sheri is the most informative on the information at hand and delivers good and not so good news with a complete package. – Melissa

I have now had two readings from Sheri, and I think she is brilliant! During the first reading she gave me lots of intuitive advice about being in touch with my inner spirit and following guidance from within. During the second reading, she gave me tangible advice about the present and future with very specific information. On both occasions, she was very positive in her approach and even followed things up with a post-reading email containing valuable resources. Highly recommended! – Veronique

I have psychic ability, but when confronted with questions about my own life path, and am attached to the outcome, I am not able to center and hear the guidance. Sheri was immediately able to see my inner being, observe my distorted thinking, and help me align with spirit for the greatest good. I asked about career/finance, and after chatting with Sheri, have a much calmer, centered feeling about my upcoming interview, and employer options. – Mary

Sheri’s psychic abilities are phenomenal. She gives very detailed information and insight on all topics. She will tell you the truth on all subjects and walk you through your course of life. I definitely will be contacting her again.  –Brian