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Sheena is an astrological intuitive and empath. She is, herself, a paranormal survivor, who lived for many years of her childhood, in a haunted house, were she witnessed apparitions, ghostly noises, poltergeist activity, paranormal attacks and more. She is a student of Greek astrology and will use your planet placements to help you better understand your life, path and personality…to find your better, happier, more-connected self.  Sheena has a eclectic belief system, she likes to refer to as “Spiritual Salad Bar”…part ancient Celtic/Pagan, part Judeo-Christian and part New Age/Metaphysical. In addition, to her time spent as a ghost hunter,  she has educated herself in the fields of: astrology, numerology,  cryptozoology,  ufology, demonology and parapsychology.  Sheena comes by her gifts naturally, through her maternal line, which is of Irish Southern heritage. Her mother is a psychic/medium and a retired teacher/child therapist. Her father, who hailed from the North Eastern United States, was also a healer and doctor/midwife.  Sheena believes that all things are rooted in spirituality, that happiness and peace come from within and that a strong and pure connection to your Higher Power is crucial to a productive and balanced existence. She explains that the Universe is a delicate blend of light and dark energies; and that by surrounding one’s self in positivity, you can repel the negativity from yourself and environment.

About Sheena

Sheena was born in New Haven, CT. and, as a teenager, moved to Huntington Beach, CA…immersing herself in the spirituality of Pacific Ocean beach culture. She has been involved in the psychic/paranormal world since 2002, and in 2008, produced a paranormal documentary feature, about a haunted house in Washington state. Since then, she has worked on a variety of television, radio and film projects, as a ghost investigator and paranormal expert/speaker; moderating Q&A’s for the “Mid South Paranormal” convention in Louisville, KY. and broadcasting live from the “World Wisdom Days” conference in Sedona, AZ. She is also the emcee for many of the ESPsychics events and is currently working on her first book and her next paranormal documentary film project. Also an artist, Sheena has spent many years of her life as an actress, writer, director and journalist. She has been a talk radio host for over twenty years and currently hosts four top-rated shows for LA Talk Radio in Los Angeles, including the spiritual/paranormal, “Haunted Playground” and the daily, “Sheena Metal Experience.