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Jackie has always remembered picking up on other peoples emotions around her, and feeling there emotions.  It wasn’t until her father passed away when she was 16, that she had her first experience with a spirit. She continued to work in public playing a therapist to the people around her. She would instantly pick up on there emotional and physical pain. She realized after giving advice and receiving validations from people that she realized her true calling and natural talents. Jackie is a psychic, medium, healer, empath, She receives her messages through clairvoyant and Clair sentience. She also. works close with her spirit guides as well as utilizing crystals and automatic writing.  Jackie’s “Medical Intuition”  is her strongest gift.  Using her gifts to help others heal and let go of both emotional and physical alignments. While, getting to the root of the problem she also, specializes in relationships and careers. With the ability to see into your past, present, and future.  Providing healing and guidance to others is a passion of hers. She will deliver her information too you, in a compassionate and loving matter. Jackie is also, committed to giving you the utmost straightforward and honest reading. While being supportive and promoting healing.


About Jackie


I have to say, Jackie is AMAZING!  She always has accurate insights into what’s going on with me, and has helped me in so many ways!  I cannot say enough good about Jackie.  If you want a solid, no BS reading, get one from her, you won’t regret it! – Cameron

Hello I just wanted to say that Jackie on ESP psychics is awesome! I have had so many readings from many different psychics for the past couple of years and I have to say she is by far one of the best psychics that I have spoken with. Her feedback on her readings is amazing. She gives so much detailed feedback to her clients and in rapid succession. There is so much information that was given that has opened up a whole new perspective on a situation that wasn’t given to me before. Everything that she said from the past was true about me and what she currently picks up is amazing also. She is humble and considerate to her clients. Her advice is great, but doesn’t force it on you because it is ultimately up to me. She rocks! – Vanessa

Jackie’s response to my two questions are exceptional. She included details that she couldn’t possibly know because she doesn’t know me, and I don’t announce much of my life anywhere, as I am very private. I have had a couple of questions swirling around inside me – things I’m unable to discuss with anyone because no one has the answers in my day to day, non-cyber, close distance life. It was like having an unscratched itch. So I asked someone who might know. I took my chances with a stranger, and I am astounded by Jackie’s reading. I have been profoundly moved. Something rang inside me – a bell of truth – when I read her email. She is the real deal. Thank you Jackie! – Cynthia

Thank you very much for arranging the reading with Jackie.  She’s amazing and helped me out tremendously. – Andrew