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Subject & Expertise

Rev Deb Bishop was born an Intuitive; she is a gifted psychic, medium and channel. Working from the heart space and specializing in assisting you in understanding where you are right now, and what your possibilities and choices are, Deborah is incredibly accurate, loving, nurturing and she will give you complete clarity over any given situation. Deborah can hone into your highest possibilities and show you how to get there.  A Pure Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Channel, Healing Conduit and Light bearer, Deborah’s gifts are both diverse and divine. Working in the realm of emotion, Deborah has studied both eastern and western modalities, various belief systems, spiritual practices, rituals and rites of passage. Deborah borrows from each of these vast resources whenever she works, she calls it receiving the “Divine Download” as she is able to travel the energetic and etheric gridlines to connect with your highest self, highest good and highest path enabling her to be of profound service. Deborah receives information and guidance in various ways; feelings, sight, sense and even taste are part of her experience when conducting a session. Speaking directly from the heart and to the heart Deborah will clarify anything on your path, assist you in removing obstacles, healing the past and she will give you the opportunity to see clearly all of your choices and possibilities. Emotional wholeness opens the door to a fully expressed and joyful life on every level.

About Deborah

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Deborah remembers being able to talk to trees, flowers, animals and seeing things that no one else seemed to!  She started performing at the tender age of four and has since followed her path through the entertainment world intertwined with the realm of spirit and personal development.  “Discovering someone who actually saw things like I did, or understood them like I did was life changing”, says Deborah, “Until that moment I really felt like I just didn’t belong.” Testimonials: “I have never had anyone be able to share with me the things Deborah shared. She was so aligned with what was happening it is hard to describe the experience.” Jane NY “I am finally clear… What more can I say, I’m 72 and feel like I just got reborn!” Shep   NM “ I love her, I’ve never felt more safe, or cared about…” Sara Jane BC Canada