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Subject & Expertise

Chinhee has been a Psychic, Medium, Empath and Healer for over 14 years now, her niche’s are emotional healing and connecting with spirits that have crossed over. She will deliver messages to you in a compassionate and loving way as she aims to inspire, motivate and help assist in all of her clients’ healing processes. Most people say that speaking to Chinhee is like talking to an old friend that you have known for years, you will feel instantly connected and comfortable with her as she gets to the root of your concerns and helps to guide you. Chinhee believes that everyone has their own intuitive and psychic abilities and will help you to organize and grow your own.

About Chinhee

Both Chinhee and Sunhee recognized their gifts of clairvoyance, empathy, telepathy, and mediumship at a young age. At 15, they both had the same dream of their mother dying from Cancer. Their prediction came true shortly after. At 19, the twins started to exercise more of their abilities within the entertainment industry. It was during this time that they were spotted in the streets of Manhattan by an NBA basketball player and talent agent. This talent agent sent them on auditions for small parts in Law & Order, MTV, TBS, Independent Films as psychics, Estee Lauder Shoot, Got Milk Twins, Marie Claire Magazine, Book of Twins, Time, People, and many other international magazines and newspapers. That was an amazing experience for these two small town girls. However, they found themselves more interested in what was taking place behind the scenes and as a result soon took over their agent’s business. This agent was amazed at their ability to know what actors or models were going to get booked for a specific project. At 21, they were considered the youngest talent managers in the industry and the only company who specialized with “ethnic” and “real” people. The twins also worked for a boutique business management firm that represented A-list celebrities such as Raquel Welch, Judy Collins, NBA Basketball Stars, actors/models/artists. They also did aerial photography by hanging out of a Robinson R22 helicopter without a door. They shot riots, celebrity weddings, news coverage, the O.J. case and so on. Sunhee worked with NY-1 News assisting the Celebrity reporter for high society events, and movie premieres while Chinhee was at Paramount Pictures helping Don Johnson in casting his t.v. series. Their path took them to where they are today in the spiritual world.

This is not my job, it’s my life, I love what I do.  I love helping people in their healing process and bringing out the best in them.  I’m forever a student and a teacher.  I hope to inspire and motivate as many as I can in this lifetime.


“Humorously healing….which is different from healing your humerus. I’d call them either way!” -Nia Peeples

“I am writing to support Chinhee and Sunhee Park for the category of “Top 25 Best Psychics/Mediums in USA”. They have been unreserved, kind, caring, and above all unbiasedly supportive in providing me with their guidance, which has proved time and time and again to be unparalleled in it’s intuitive, honest, accurate and timely precision, allowing me the opportunity to move in such a way so as to avoid negative situations and attract and nurture positive people and energies. They are truly blessed with Extraordinary Gifts. Since first being invited onto their radio show as a guest, I am proud to call them my dear friends and confidantes. Sincerely, Kristen Dalton

“I just had my first reading with Chinhee and she was absolutely amazing!! She was unbelievably accurate as to how I was feeling but did so in such a warm and humorous way. I felt like I’ve known her for a long and it was as if I was speaking with a girlfriend of mine. I absolutely highly recommmend her!!!”  -Laurie W

“Wonderful reading!! I felt like I was talking to an old friend and was dead on accurate about my emotions and everything that is happening right now in my relationship. It’s difficult, but her outlook was positive and definitely resonated with my gut feeling and what I feel to be true in my heart. She said it herself “You feel good because it’s the truth. When it’s not the truth you feel like crap.” I can accept the truth, but I know what’s in line with what’s inside of me. I’ll be back again!:)” -Lish Zonfrilli

“Absolutely amazing, I actually had chills during the call. She just tuned into things and explained the situation to me so I could understand what was going on and work on healing. I just loved her!!” – Janice Gambardella

“I had a phone reading with both sunhee, and chinhee. They hardly gave me a chance to speak before they started giving me info about myself and loved ones! I was blown away! They answered my q’s plus so much more. I was almost speechless. They told told me about my physical problems, and how to help. They spoke to one of my relatives on the other side, love q’s, and how another relative was trying to communicate through my dog. (& my dogs health!) wow! Thanks guys… Worth every penny!” – Heather Tuller

“My phone reading with Chinhee was unbelievable. She new things I wouldn’t even admit to myself. She totally picked up on my energy and my ex-husbands. But most important she helped me realize my own intuitiveness and helped me figure out how to deal with my empathy. Talking to Chinhee is really like talking to your best friend, she is so open and really listens to what you are saying. I can’t believe the things that have transpired since talking to her, she is absolutely amazing.” – Anne Guist

“My time with Chinee was incredible. She was able to pick up on things that I had no idea affected my life. She knew that I am an empath and after I had the chance to feel the information out, I knew she was right. I highly recommend Chinhee for any one! This has impacted my life greatly and I am now more aware of my power. Sending Chinhee much love Heather.” -Heather Mowers

“I had a phone reading with Chinhee last week and thought she was amazing! Even before I could speak or ask some questions, she just told me what I wanted to know! She was so heartwarmingly funny and I felt like she was an old friend as opposed to someone I never spoke to before! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs insights and verifications of anything. I’m so glad I called her!” – Nellie Kim

“I had been ill and near death from Sept 2008 – Jan 2009. By the spring of 2009, I wasn’t getting better as quickly as anyone would’ve liked. I did a call for healing on my lungs and instantly started breathing better. Since that call, I’ve only suffered one lung infection, which lasted from the third week of March – the end of April this year. As of this month, my lungs are clear & gaining strength. These girls are wonderful, as friends and healers. I’m grateful to know them!” -Robyn Albee

“Through an email reading, Chinhee accurately described my look and personality. Recently, I had an in-person reading with the Twin Psychics. Both are clairvoyant and have their own psychic abilities, but together are a dynamic duo, overflowing with information, advice and laughter. I immediately felt their physical and healing abilities, because I kept wanting to ask therapy and medical advice. Once you get a reading, you will definitely go back for more!” -Dori Russell

“Chinhee Park has an incredible gift. My email readings were accurate and her predictions are coming true. Her words were kind and truthful. She validated what was happening in my life. She helped me and gave me hope. She answered all my questions and gave me more information than I hoped for. I felt the love and the positive energy. Thank you Chinhee!!! I will contact you again soon!!!” -Mireya Lara

“For the past month i have been reading with sunhee and chinhee. They are like sisters i never had. they were both spot on on what is happening to me. All their readings is slowly comming to pass. When im drained and in despair i just givethem a call to get the confidence and spiritual lift that i need.” -Lui ribo

“Chinhee Park is amazing in her psychic abilities. She did a reading for me through email and was able to describe me and injuries to my body. She validated things about my family past and present. She is able to tell you things truthfully that may help in what’s going on in your life presently. She is truly amazing and gifted and I am grateful for the reading she did for me. Thank you Chinhee!” -Kathleen Uno