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Subject & Expertise

I am a Certified Advanced ThetaHealing teacher and practitioner as well as a hypnotherapist/psychotherapist and meridian energy therapist. I am a natural intuitive and Tarot reader as well as having done Shamanic training.  I also have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. I am self-employed working both as a therapist and also, where invited, I teach Theta DNA Healing practitioner training seminars enabling more people to spread light and healing to a world that is so in need of it.

About Bernadette

I am the author of Healthy Mind Beautiful Body a self-help book which takes a holistic approach to resolving weight and body image issues by raising self-esteem, encouraging self-love and self-acceptance . I have recently completed writing a one day intensive workshop to support the system and help people to kick start their own personal journey to a healthy happy relationship with themselves. A divorced mother to four sons, three of whom are still at school my youngest being 14 years old, I am engaged to Micheál who runs a landscape design business in New York.   I split my time between the UK and the US as well as more recently Ireland as I have taught several courses there lately and am invited to teach more.


I’ve been having sessions with Bernie for a few years now. Her direct and compassionate manner made her so easy to speak to right from the start. I had several complicated long-term situations and issues, some related to stress and physical health imbalances, others related to family and relationships. Together, we healed up the hormone imbalances, severe acne, nutritional imbalances, lack of boundaries, boosted my self-esteem, and taught me (energetically and verbally) what being balanced and confident felt like. Her sharp intuition meant that she honed in on underlying issues with consistent accuracy, and was able provide healing from the source of events rather than just healing the symptoms, which I’d imagine is why the healing work always “stuck”.

What I love most about the sessions (besides her completely charming personality) is that what we were doing in each session was making life-long changes.  I can honestly say 3 (or is it 4? or 5?) years on, the changes have stuck. She energetically teaches the body-mind how to progress forward rather than stepping back. Today I am acne-free and have excellent nutrition habits without having to think about it much. I have secure (but not overbound) boundaries, a strong sense of self, and feel intensely complete and peaceful every day. My family relationships have improved many times over, not necessarily because they have changed, but because through working with Bernie I have changed and my communciation and approach with them has changed. My friendships are healthy, empowering, and balanced. I am completely in love with my life – something I wasn’t sure I would ever feel at one point.

Good things are worth waiting and working for. Some changes within the sessions happened very quickly, others took a bit more time. If you’re willing to put some time into getting yourself back on track, take responsibility, and approach life the way you truly want to, I can not recommend Bernie highly enough. She is a remarkable Healer, Psychologist, and Spirit, and one of the very best in her field. Her sessions are an investment worth making.