Love is Within You by Sheri

From the beginning of time, we have been surrounded by love whether it has been through our angels and guides or from a human source.   The question for each one of you to ask yourself is, “How have I done my best to spread love to others?”

There are so many people walking around in this world, lonely and feeling as the world has given up on them.  I know this to be true as not so long ago, I was one of them.  There was no one there for me.  My world had crumbled and I just sat alone in the dark night after night, went to work like a zombie and came back to my empty house and repeated the process.   This was a very dark and depressing phase in my life, however it was a time that it was essential that I experience this.

After a few months of basically feeling sorry for myself, I realized that I was responsible for my own happiness and my own love.  I could not sit there and wait for another person to provide this for me or I truly would not know love nor would I know happiness.   This was something that I had to seek out and bring to the surface from within myself.  Thus, the quest began to find out what was holding me back.

Once I had read a few books, listened to countless meditation cd’s and did a lot of self-discovery and occasionally had extremely angry conversations with my angels, I found that I was truly my own worst enemy in this process.  I was attracting more of the loneliness and sadness into my life as that is exactly what I was putting out.   I was going to have to change “me” first and hopefully the rest would fall into place.  It was not the fault of those that had hurt me, it was my fault for allowing the hurt to control me.  It was not the fault of those that had ignored me, it was my fault for ignoring them and not taking the first steps.  Everything happening that I hated in others, was actually a reflection of what I was seeing in myself.  Of course the self-blame did nothing to lift my spirits either however it was a cleansing process and a process to quit blaming someone else for my unhappiness.

Each one of us has the ability to change our life and to make it the best possible life that we can have.  It starts in our own heart and it begins with learning how to love ourselves first.  Many times I will tell someone who is devastated by a relationship or not finding the love they seek, to take time to look in a mirror into their eyes, give themselves the biggest hug they can muster and say “I love myself” (and mean it).  It is such a simple task and yet it can change your entire world by doing this day after day until you finally believe it and feel it.

When you learn to love yourself first, it will lift your self-esteem up and that sense of power that each one of you needs to survive.  This is your first step to speaking your truth and believing it.  When you can say “I love myself’ and truly believe it, you have spoken the most powerful truth of all.   Do not go out and seek a partner or relationship during this time.  Put all your energy and focus on yourself.  Take notes during the entire process from day one noting how your feel  each day.  When you have performed this ritual for 30 days, take a look at your notes and read how the things you have written have changed. You will find that your hurt, anger, loneliness and frustration has turned to kindness, gentleness and yes, love.

Life will begin to fall into place when you learn that love, self-esteem and security all come from within yourself and it is not something that another person is supposed to provide you with.   Your power is within you.  To have the most amazing life ever, you must be able to access it.  Others will notice the change in you.  Others will hear you speaking differently – without the ‘woe is me’ or ‘feel sorry for me’ attitude.  You will find yourself attracting in an entire new source of friends and yes new love through this process.  You are not looking for love; you already have it inside of you.  Love will find you because what you put out is exactly what you will attract back into your space.  Love yourself today and watch how your world changes.  You are worth it!  Prove it to yourself today!