Diary of a Seaside Therapist by Elaine

The atmosphere at the spiritualist church was highly charged with energy as eighteen people sat expectantly, waiting for their first ever meditation circle to begin.
We all shifted about on hard wooden chairs smiling nervously at one another.
I knew that meditation was the key to my spiritual development and was excited and anxious all at once.

Our teacher James entered the room, and asked us  to introduce ourselves.
We were a diverse group consisting of people  from young to old, spiritual wannabees to the just plain curious. Our common link was that none of us knew how to meditate. I had a rough idea of the Aura but needed to know how to open my Chakras.

James settled us down and we began some deep breathing exercises. This had a calming effect and I began to relax. He asked us to visualise each coloured Chackra as the tight bud of a flower slowly opening.  As I followed his instructions I felt the temperature around me change. An icy blast of energy hit my face which became itchy as if there were cobwebs all around it. I felt light headed and disorientated. I tried to visualise growing roots from the soles of my feet to ground myself but it didn’t work. I felt as if the top of my head and blasted open and I was flying through the air in time and space.

Panicking I tried desperately to catch my breath. It felt as if a tidal wave of energy had hit me leaving me unable to breathe.
James took us on a journey to sit by an oak tree and then psychically placed an object on a chair in the center of the circle, asking us to try and pick up what it could be?  All I could think of was trying to stay grounded. I was terrified and out of my depth. Suddenly a vision of a clear quartz crystal popped into my head.

Slowly he brought us all back into the room. I gasped for breath and was shocked to find out that I had been crying. How did I become so out of control?
James asked us all to tell him what we had seen in the center of the circle.
Many had seen nothing, someone said, rather oddly, “a sheep” and I said “a clear quartz crystal.”
James shot me a look. I was the only person to see what he had actually put there with his psychic ability. I don’t know who was the most surprised, him or me.
Later I asked why I had been in such a terrified state? He explained that when you open up for the first time spirit can be so excited to finally make contact they will rush forwards.all at once . I had virtually been knocked over by their terrific energy in their enthusiasm to connect with me. Flattered as I was the experience had left me feeling out of control and too frightened to repeat it.

From then on every time I tried to attend the circle something would happen to prevent me from leaving home. My car broke down before I set off, an unexpected event would get in the way or I would feel unwell. Later I found out that the energy in the circle was not being controlled by James and we were all in a certain amount of danger. Spirit had decided to prevent me from any more exposure to harm and were keeping me safe at home.

From that point on I meditated quietly and alone. I opened my Chakras cautiously and closed down at once if I felt overwhelmed.
Once I asked for a sign that spirit were close and when I opened my eyes a ball of violet energy with gold sparks flying from it was right there in front of my eyes.
“Whoah, back off ” I said!
That was too close for comfort. From then on I always asked for my guides to come forwards gently and in my time, not theirs. This may have taken me longer to develop my skills but it felt comfortable and right.

Once I asked if I would ever return to the spiritualist church and work from the platform, giving readings and messages from loved ones.
The answer boomed in my ear.

“NO!. You are to face a much wider audience and will help many to find love and happiness.”
Once again I was shocked by their response. Working from the church had been a lifetime ambition of mine. So just what dd spirit have in store for me?

Unable to fathom any of this information I decided the best thing for me to do was to surrender to whatever they wanted from me.

The most incredible adventure was about to start……..