Magic of Sound by Patti

This month I am going to talk about the magic of sound. Cultures the world over use sound to attune to, invoke, and transform consciousness. Sound is a powerful tool, because it is vibrational in nature, and we are vibrational beings. Modern science shows us that all life is vibrational in nature. This is in line with age old mystical thought of most cultures, which often alludes to the vibrational nature of Creation. We have all experienced it… whether an “AMEN” at the end of a prayer – or an “OM” at the end of a yoga class. I work with sound a lot in my magical workings. From banging a loud gong to powerfully shift energy to the ringing of soft chimes to gently awaken the senses or spirits.

My favorite use of sound magic is with our human voice. From chanting and singing, to the conscious use of specific sounds to evoke a specific outcome. It is called a HEKA. Heka means the Art of Sound, or Alchemy of sound itself. Here is a basic rule… Consonants are FORM – Form that Shapes. Vowels are FORCE – Forces that ignite. You can make up your own Hekas from that! Try just doing vowel sounds ahhh, ehhh, eeee, oooo, uuuuu – and see how invigorating it can be! Chanting vowels sounds is great before an important meeting or test where you need clarity and focus. Here are a few more meanings of sounds: U is dragon vowel (Nature into action). LOVE is the force / power. A is vowel that brings birth / life. L is Dragon in the land. Z is Serpent – Lightening strike between heaven and earth. (Divine wisdom) Try using these sounds in a chant. Note how you feel, what you experience, what sight and senses open up, etc… Pretty cool huh?! Powerful too! Now, go out and make up your own power chants and sounds… I promise, it will open up a whole new magical world for you! Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE! “Til next time. With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood! xox Patti

Dream School by Patti

This month I am going to talk about “Dream School”.  Well, “Dream School” is what I call it!  Night time is a wonderful time to connect to spirit and get answers and guidance from the universe.  Plus it is a wonderful tool in developing one’s own intuition and psychic ability!   One reason for it, is that it gives us the opportunity to get our “logical brain” out of the way for awhile!  Many of us humans tend to “over think” things – and sometimes that is not the most advantageous mind set for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Here are a simple technique anyone can use.  First, set a glass of water by your bed at night.  Water is an amazing “dream enhancer”.  Plus, as an added bonus, a glass of water by the bed actually collects any negative energies that may come in during the night – so you are getting two benefits from one simple glass of water!  Please note, you should never drink the water right by your bed, because it has spent the night gathering up and collecting these energies.  Ever notice how bedside water just doesn’t taste very good in the morning?  That is why!  Use it to water plants if you want, but keep your drinking water further away than your bedside table.  Okay, back to Dream School…  you have your glass of water by the bed.  As you lay down, ask your guides or higher power (or whatever you believe in) to come to you in your dreams to help you with any guidance or questions you may have.  Or, just let them know you are “enrolling in Dream School” and want to develop and learn in your sleep.  Then just go to sleep!  At first you may or may not remember your dreams…  or they may not make sense – but after just a little while, you will notice a new clear direction or path or understanding is unfolding.  It will get clearer and clearer and you can ask for any specifics as it develops!

Part two of Dream School is in the morning… if you have a set time you have to get up, set your alarm for 10 minutes before that.  When your alarm rings, again ask for guidance from divine in your life path – or just in your day ahead… then hit the “snooze” button and know you have 10 minutes to travel to the world between awake and sleep for some final “schooling”.  This is again a perfect time when you are sleepy and not focused on your left and rational brain.  When you wake up at the next alarm, you will feel a slight sense of direction, clarity and focus to start your day!

Part three of Dream School… When you first get up, take a few minutes to think about anything you may have got.  Think about how you feel, any thoughts going through your head.  Don’t sensor yourself – just let the thoughts flow!  Again, with just a little practice, new information and insights will come flooding in every morning!

I recommend setting up a little altar or “power space” next to your bed.  It doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual – though it certainly can be.  But put a few things there that empower you; a photo, a candle, a flower.  Perhaps a crystal, statue or rock you found along a path.  Things that help you feel good about YOU!  Keep a pad of paper or journal there.  Allow yourself at least three minutes every morning to journal your new expanding thoughts and understanding.  Perhaps get some crayons or drawing pencils to draw what you see or feel if you don’t feel like writing.  Either way, you are literally helping develop your intuition and psychic ability with every word or color stroke.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what to write or draw at first… just let it flow.  No one ever has to see it.  You will be surprised in how in just a short time, more messages and clarity are going to come out of your writings or drawings or even from you Crayola color choices!  Plus it is just plain fun and helps develop your creativity as well as your intuition!  With only a few extra minutes every day – you can expand your universe by galaxies!  Give it a try!  I promise, it will open up a whole new magical world for you!  Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE!  “Til next time.  With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood!  ;o)  xox Patti

Value by Isabelle

I recently received a little story on a post from a dear friend, in India. The story had to do with a man, who could not hold on to his pens. One day a friend suggested he buy a very expensive pen. Never in a million years, did he expect to pay that kind of money, for a 22K pen. After many months the person checked with the man, to see the status, of his pen.  He cherished that pen, and it was still, in his possession. We must all think of ourselves, as a treasured possession. I am not saying to be self absorbed, or ego driven. What  I am saying, is know your value. Think of yourself, as a piece of fine china, or a very expensive pen. When you know your VALUE, you will expect nothing less, than the very best treatment, from everyone. You will be handled, with care, with love, and treated , the way, you deserve. I do that, and I expect only the best treatment. I am not saying I’m a princess, but I ask all the time, to only align myself, with those people, and situations, that are for my highest good.Why would one allow themselves, to be in a relationship, be it a friendship,  a marriage, or partnership, with someone , who is not coming from a place of treating you, with VALUE. People who know me , realize I cherish my friends, loved ones, and those people, I share my space, with. I would do anything, for the people I am connected to. Never expect any thing less, from the people around you. If they can’t cherish you, for the wonderful person, you are, then you need to re think, that relationship. Be it family, friendship, or business associate. We all have, VALUE. Please do not forget that. Do not allow anyone, or situation, to treat you any other way. You are all precious, to me, and I VALUE, each, of you.

Energy Discernment

*This piece is inspired by an article I recently read on energetic vampires along with some personal situations that bring this topic front-of-mind.
Recalling the adage, “Actions speak louder than words”, I’m offering a twist on this and positing that energy speaks louder than words or actions. At least louder in a sense of energy carrying even more weight to read and/or listen to in our personal interactions.  Energy can have more of an effect on us because it can be less obvious to us, therefore something we may take less responsibility for.
Take for example a feeling of tiredness after leaving the mall.  Or the feeling of being blue after having stood near someone while waiting for your latte to be made.  We may not take the time to discern that these are energetic drains and something that we can take responsibility for.  This, over the long haul can have ill effects on us emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically.
All things are comprised of energy in action/motion. Quantum physics & metaphysics spreads this term/apply this term to everything – thoughts are energy, human bodies are energy, emotions are energy, trees are energy etc., all with varying rates of vibration.  This rate at which we vibrate is our vibrational rate and/or our energy signature.
Whether you’ve paid attention to date to ‘energy’ or not – you experience it through your emotions as well as via physical sensations.  Joy, exuberance, love, ecstasy, peace, contentment, fulfillment, open-hearted and physically relaxed and expansive states are all positive energy states.  Constriction, anger, tension, sadness are all less positive or more negative states on the spectrum of how we as humans experience energy.  If you’ve ever walked into a room after someone has had an argument, been in a busy store or intersection where chaos prevails, or felt that beautiful level of heart connection with another, you’ve experienced the energy of places, people and situations.
There is talk and are posts and teaching on ‘energy vampires’ – those negative people, places, habits and situations that seem to either suck positive energy from us or imbue us with an imbalance of negative energy.  If you’ve ever left someone’s company with a headache, felt tired after leaving a location or group of people, felt restless and anxious with either a certain person or situation in mind – you’ve fallen prey to an ‘energy vampire’.
An important component of Energy Discernment is first a level of awareness of our energy.  Take some time to sort out who and what are positive and negative energy sources in your life.  realization/recognition, close cousins of awareness in this context, are a next level of this – once we are in that situation that we’re aware of we pay attention to what goes on energetically within us and around us.
The final important phase in Energy Discernment will be action.  This involves a level of personal accountability and responsibility to our own energy and those around us.  In fact, as we move through awareness and realization/recognition – we may have determined that we are the negative forces in some relationships and situations!  So action can mean cleaning up how we are as we approach people, situations and places.
Our energy body is the first place that ill health shows up.  If not attended to, it moves into our physical body.  A high level of personal responsibility for our energy and energy body will keep us, those around us, and our communities more healthy.

I consider energy more potent than words or actions for these reasons.  As we are putting energy discernment into action, paying attention to our words and actions become a natural part of this energy discernment honing process.

 Let’s use an example common to all of our lives.  When you ask someone, “How are you?” they often and often automatically respond with, “Fine.” Or “I’m good.”  The language they’ve chosen has a certain meaning.  If you look a bit further, at say their body language to equate ‘action’ behind the word here – they may be prone on the bed, slumped in their chair, or even tearful.  Their body language or ‘action’ behind the word seems to speak more accurately to how they are.  Let’s look further at the energy that you detect from this situation.  Does it feel ‘fine’?  When they respond with, “I’m good.” do you feel something differently – a knot in your stomach, a heaviness in your chest, a light-headedness that belies  what they are saying?  Are you sensing anxiety vs. calm?  Do you feel a static in the air that doesn’t correlate to what they are saying?  These latter sensations, how you feel and what you sense in response to what they are saying are your awareness and realization/recognition of energy discernment.  Action then in this example, can take a few forms.  You can work on relaxing any tense feelings in your body.  You can ask a more probing question to try to help this person and yourself relieve any negatives energy, or you can say no more and move along – removing yourself from the situation.
How we take action can feel tricky.  When we encounter someone who is lying to us – saying and acting physically in line with what they are saying but the energy feels mildly misaligned, or it may feel grossly dissonant – these can leave us wondering how to take action. I had a close friend who when they spoke of a particular part of their life it was all ‘positive excitement and smiles’.  Sometimes it was angry words with smiles.  Always there was an energy that was angry whether the words were positive or negative.  There came a point when it didn’t seem that they had an awareness of the amount of negative energy that they were generating nor the deeper sense of anger that it reflected in their energy and physical bodies.  I chose to take action in this energy discernment process by communicating from a compassionate place, my care for the person and for me.  I asked them to raise their awareness around their own actions and to no longer share this with me.  In turn, I took responsibility for my own energy and shielded and discarded the negative more frequently.  What I didn’t realize (yes, even as a professional Psychic), was that they were lying to themselves.  The person was denying how deeply they were creating this angry environment on all levels.
It was not received well and ultimately my action involved leaving the friendship.  While this may seem extreme it became an imperative when I recognized how poorly I felt in it and how much better I felt out of it.  I also realized in retrospect where I hadn’t taken action in the past in less drastic ways, where now I will when faced with this type of scenario.

I also learned that the action I took was a boundary breach – an impediment of that person’s spiritual journey.  We are all here to work out our own issues in this lifetime.  How we become aware, recognize and act around them are individual decisions.  I realize that anytime I choose to speak more deeply about someone’s journey, whether from a compassionate place or not—it’s an infraction and disrespectful.  Our best approach is to keep our own energy accounted for and move along when we encounter dissonance with and within another.  This goes both ways so when you encounter someone breaching your boundaries, pull your energy inward and move along as you see fit.

Ways that we can take action when we recognize negative energy affecting us:

  • Breathe deeply to relax our physical body
  • Ask ourselves whether what we are feeling is necessary, ours and asked for it to be released
  • Imagine an egg shaped cloud (our aura) around us filling with pink light of love
  • Do anything physical to raise our vibration—dance, rub our hands together, clap, sing, walk, move…
  • Blow energetic kisses to the person how is down/low/negative
  • Imagine energetic hugs going to them (if not in their presence)
  • Hug or high five the lower energy-ed person
  • Leave the room, conversation, exchange, place, etc.
  • Change the conversation
  • Shift our thinking

You are the best and only judge of your energy and its role in your journey. I hope you’ll choose to incorporate energy discernment into your journey!

Angela B.
ESPsychic at

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Just Being Me


No lipo no botox
no laser no tucks
I have much better things
I can do with my bucks$$
When I look in the mirror
I am happy with me
The lines on my face
Give me character you see
I love being me
I would not change a thing
But these hot-flashes coming
Gives Hell a new meaning
I am grateful for them
as the weather gets colder
The chilly air bites
more as I get older.
Off with the jacket
send the scarf flying.
The heat comes fast
I am not lying.
Each day is a journey
I look forward to see
What is next to explore
As I embrace being me.

ESPsychic, Kimberly
“Living the Life I Designed”


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Twin Flames

By Sunhee

Have you met the one, or have you met the one who taught you a lesson? Twin Flames are the one, the last stop, the one that puts you over the edge and makes you heal and look at yourself. The Twin flame is the one that you have to wait for, but act like your not waiting, and the one that feels you so much that you have no choice but to HEAL.

The Twin flame will not be with you in a whole relationship until you are whole. You could be physically with the person, but emotionally they are not available. You could be emotionally with the person, but you never see them. These are some of the things that allot of my clients call about. Is he the one? Is she the one? No matter what happens in our lives, the bottom line is that everything happens for a reason. If you are separated from your twin flame, it means that you have a few more learning lessons to work out on your own issues. (more…)