Awakening Inner Spirit By Angel

Some may ask, How do I know when the Inner Spirit is awakened? The human mind is complex, having many

beliefs. Beliefs that are conscious and others are hidden in the unconscious. Some beliefs activate the Inner

Spirit and others put it to ‘sleep’.


When the human mind dominants by over thinking and you give it power, it controls your life, creating many

complexities through its familiar belief patterns.  There are beliefs that trigger the ego control and those that

activate the inner Spirit. When the ego is running your life, that area it’s running it’s running have dormant and

active beliefs that are not serving the inner spirit. The Ego reacts through a flight, flight, protect mode where

it feels it has to shield itself from lower frequencies.


If you allow the human ego to control your life and identify with it as you, you create separateness and

experience struggles.  The stronger the human ego control, comes in the forms of resistance. judgment,

force,  and hate the greater the level of struggle creating more struggles and negative influences. Habits and

beliefs that are not in alignment with your Spirit being attract lessons, in the form of challenges in the area

necessary to evolve, to help you become smarter “spiritually. As you start to Awaken the inner Spirit,  you

expand spiritually and become more playful, loving with a peaceful expression.


Choices we make are based on the most Dominant belief System-Transform the Belief System-Transform

YOUR Life.


Judgment is a label of  right and wrong, good and bad based on inward beliefs. Any feelings you are

experiencingas a participant you then identify with those feelings, thereby trigger behaviors that are

self-focused, in insecure, fear- driven, and needy. Quiet the mind and calm the emotions. Put your attention

on love, appreciation, gratitude and celebration not on fixing, correcting the dramas in the world, Move you

out of judging the situation or person and avoid attracting negative influences. Focus and keep your attention

on what you would like to create, rather than what is annoying you. In other words go above the condition

rather than underneath it.


Embrace any feelings of Fear, insecurity, rather than resist, persist through complaining or judge it.


Be the observer rather than participant of the human thoughts, unpleasant situations or chaos in order to

diffuse its power over you . This will allow you to  move into an inward calmness to respond vs. react to the

thoughts,situation or chaos.


A Buddhist said if you don’t accept the gift it is not yours. So if someone behaves in a manner that you don’t

feel connected to, bless them and know it is perfect. Yon don’t have to entertain it, by teaching, giving your

opinion, judging, etc. That moves you out of a inner Peace and Love and then the Ego control of fight,

flight and protections kicks in.


A Peaceful-Joyful-Loving Approach to the Inner Spirit mind is simple. Its focus is on gratitude, innovation and exploring new tasks at hand. This educates the human mind and you become smarter in a more joyful manner.


When the heart is focused on appreciation and love first in your life, it triggers the Inner Spirit to become

more active and there is a more loving flow with life and all decisions. The Awakened Inner Spirit has a sense

of freedom, an aliveness, higher sense of love, joy, peace and  harmony. You feel vital and accepting. A sense

of being in the moment and enjoying life.


You “awaken your Inner Spirit” when you transmute enough of the beliefs that no longer serve. As these beliefs are transmuted, more of your inner Spirit ‘awakens’ and can express in a fuller manner. Eventually you experience a level  of Spiritual Freedom, a heightened frequency level of inner peace, greater joy and pure love. where you are so connected to love that there is no shielding because the lower frequencies cannot touch this vibration.


You enjoy sharing from a ‘we’ focus and flow with life in a calm, peaceful, harmonious, humble, happier and more  positive manner.